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20-Year Partnership

Profine BH d.o.o. celebrates an anniversary - together with Klaes

On october 9th, 2018 the annual in-house trade fair of Profine BH d.o.o. took place. As part of the event, to which customers and partners were invited, the 20th anniversary of the Bosnian market leader was also celebrated.

Since the beginning of its activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Profine has been relying on Klaes as a partner, securing its position as a market leader. In the meantime, Profine has more than 160 satisfied customers in Bosnia & Herzegovina, most of whom use the Klaes software.

For the 20-year partnership, Samir Fočak (Managing director Profine BH d.o.o.) and Dr. Peter Mrosik (Managing partner Profine GmbH) thanked Klaes personally with a certificate, which Ismet Bosnjakovic (Klaes Sales Bosnia & Herzegovina) thankfully accepted.

At this point, we would like to sincerely thank Profine, especially Mr. Samir Fočak and his team for 20 years of partnership. We wish them continuing success!

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