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Acristalia - Always looking ahead

Absolute confidence in Klaes 3D

In 2007, professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the aluminium sector decided to go one step further. They founded Acristalia, a company specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality, functional and efficient glass spacers that offer the maximum confidence to our customers.

Acristalia - Always looking ahead

Since then they have been working even harder and developed further: research, innovation, gathering experience to open up possibilities of becoming a leading company in Spain with a great constantly expanding international presence.

Within this spirit of continual evolution, they have strongly opted for the Klaes 3D solution to manage and optimize their management, commercial, administrative and manufacturing processes for their main products, which are glass curtains, ceilings and beads. Klaes 3D calculates all the production data just as accurate as a Swiss watch - such as panes and profiles, as well as all the information necessary to manufacture them.

To achieve an automatism and increase productivity, Acristalia has also implemented the control of their CNC machines directly out of Klaes 3D. The target of our client Acristalia is to achieve an innovative and effective workflow. With Klaes 3D they are able to do this - from the first consultation, the design of the spacer in 3D with all the information about material and machining, the generation of the budget, sending of the order to the manufacturing, interface with an internal program of ERP, control of machines, manufacturing and delivery of the merchandise.

Thank you for trusting the Klaes 3D solution!

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