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Technoform Bautec visits our customer Oliva

“We organise companies.“ Recently, we could convince a team of Technoform Bautec that we do not only communicate this claim but that we also bring it to life.

Mr. Ike Liang, who came with his people from Suzhou, China, received an insight into a well-organised window construction company of our customer Oliva GmbH – Fenster & Türen. Managing Director, Manfred Tenkamp, who immediately accepted a visit at his premises in Marl, presented the automated production to his guests.

The team around Ike Liang was enthusiastic about the high degree of automation and the paperless organisation of production with Klaes e-prod. In particular, the large information display, which showed all relevant target- and actual values, impressed our Chinese friends.

We would like to thank Mr. Tenkamp and the whole Oliva Company for their hospitality!

Group photo at Oliva Company

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