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Complete Solution for Document Management Incl. Maintenance and Version Maintenance

ELO-as-a-Service is a complete solution for document management including maintenance and version maintenance. Of course, this innovative Web-solution works also together with our ELO-Integration.

The pre-configurated archive environment allows a simple and quick entry. All documents can be stored with one click. Therefore, they are archived in a revision-proof manner and can quickly be found by the intelligent search function, if required.

Advantages of ELO-as-a-Service:

  • Ready for use within some minutes
  • Data is archived in a revision-proof manner
  • Affordable monthly payments instead of an initial investment
  • Full-Service-Solution including maintenance and version maintenance
  • The basic data security is automatically included
  • Optionally, the post office opens the paper-incoming mail, scans it and transfers the data into the system

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