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First Steps with Klaes

Sylstor on the way to systematic and organised production

Sylstor has been a manufacturer and assembler of aluminium construction elements since 1990 and currently employs 24 people at two locations. The Company from Rixheim mainly builds terrace roofs and pergolas, but also gates, railings, roller shutters, front doors, windows and terrace doors are part of the company's product range.

After a close cooperation with Klaes in installation, configuration and staff training, the use of Klaes 3D started three months ago in the design office.

At the beginning of October Joël Dorffer (Sales France) spoke with Laurent Schupp (Managing Director Sylstor) about his first experiences.

Joël Dorffer: Why did you decide to use Klaes Solutions in your Company?

Laurent Schupp: I saw a revolutionary solution that would allow me to optimise my Company's processes and save time. The great experience in 2D processing convinced me that Klaes deals well with 3D. The idea of having a software that covers all areas of the Company, from commercial administration to installation and production, also appealed to me.

Joël Dorffer: Were the goals which led to this election achieved?

Laurent Schupp: The Company currently still works partly with Klaes 3D. We have already noticed a time saving in the design office - this should increase even more if further elements are used 100%. My goal is to completely avoid a systematic pre-assembly of the terrace roofs in the workshop before installation at the customer's site. To make this possible, we will make some adjustments to our master data system.

Joël Dorffer: Which are the next steps you are planning with Klaes?

Laurent Schupp: First of all, we will complete the introduction of Klaes 3D in the Company, and in a few days the sales department will start with it. In the medium term I would like to make my warehouse administration more reliable with Klaes Mawi and improve the organisation and production tracking with Klaes e-prod.

Many thanks for the interview!

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