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Norm Koster from Matrex Window System about Klaes 3D

In the current online issue of “Glass Canada” – the leading magazine for the Canadian glass and metal industry – the Operations Manager Norm Koster gives his feedback about Klaes 3D and the cooperation with our North American Sales Manager Erdem Gogceloglu:

"My name is Norm Koster and I am the Operations Manager for Matrex Window System. Matrex was started about a year ago with the purpose to design and build our own window wall system. We were introduced to the Klaes software early on in our development process and were happy to see that this industry finally had software that would work from design to manufacturing windows seamlessly.

The Klaes software covers all aspects that are needed for the window wall industry. I have worked at a number of different companies and have been exposed to different types of software but none come close to what the Klaes software can do.

Erdem and his staff have been with us every step of the way from installation of the software to training to continuing support. I have been very satisfied with Klaes and would highly recommend it for our industry."

Thank you for the positive feedback!

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