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Four great international days at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2018

We had four great, international days at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2018. Customers, interested parties and partners from 42 countries in total informed themselves about the complete digitisation. But furthermore, we could win a pleasing number of new customers.

The focus was on the new DoorDesigner, machine connections, product organisation, Klaes 3D for complex constructions and the Klaes trade solutions, locally and in the web – at German companies, of course, our GoBD solutions

With the DoorDesigner also companies could be reached, which mainly produce doors and for which the window plays only a subordinate or no role. Above all, they were enthusiastic about the extraordinary possibilities offered by the solution for panel doors.The “diversity“ among the interested parties was also amazing – from craftsmen with few doors per month to industrial companies with several thousand doors per week.

Our mainstays Klaes e-control and e-prod were very much in demand at this “Fensterbau“. In the field of machine connections, the demand for the CNC-production of wooden windows continued. The production organisation with Klaes e-prod was concerned with the development of existing solutions, for example for accessory storage locations or the organisation of delivery racks, but also with customers who get introduced to the subject.

Klaes 3D continued the road to success around the world. New customers from Canada and Spain will be working with this highly flexible solution in the future. And in Germany, the first customer begins with the digitisation of his production of summer gardens, pergolas and canopies – with Klaes e-prod.

The Klaes trade solutions provided demand from two fields: independent traders who want to use Klaes trade in a classical local way – and window manufacturers who are going to provide Klaes webtrade to their resellers.

The GoBD caused many question marks on the face. The challenge is to archive emails and contained data electronically. An “Outlook-directory“ is not sufficient because the requirement “unchangeable“ is not met. We even present two solutions: our document-management-system and a pure email-archiving per hardware.

Besonders freut uns, dass unser neuer Stand so gut bei den Besuchern angekommen ist und sie gerne bei uns blieben - bis weit nach Messeschluss. Außerdem haben die Großpräsentationen auf der Monitorwand für die gewünschte Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt. Und natürlich hat auch wieder unser Eisstand erfolgreich für die angenehme Erfrischung zwischendurch gesorgt. Enjoy IT bei Klaes!

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