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Klaes at BAU 2019

Digitization in all areas of the company

Digitization is currently the primary goal in the organization of companies. Klaes is coming to BAU 2019 with an extremely wide range of solutions to enable its customers to achieve digitization in all areas of the company.

Our innovative solutions ensure that many different components are integrated within the entire workflow. The highlights at BAU 2019 are Klaes 3D with an Augmented Reality solution for live presentations and the new Klaes solution for aluminium windows.

Klaes 3D - Augmented Reality

Klaes 3D is used more and more by customers for "non-window components". Originally "only" intended for facades and conservatories in all types of materials, Klaes 3D is now also used to efficiently process free-standing pergola systems, terrace roofs, canopies, dormers, all-glass sliding systems, railings or fencing systems.

At BAU 2019, Klaes will present a solution for Augmented Reality for the first time. This means that during the sales phase, the designed components can be presented "realistically" on, or as part of the object itself.

With this extremely easy-to-use tool, conservatories, for example, can be ‘placed‘ next to an existing house on the customer site. The impressive visualization is displayed on a standard tablet or smartphone. You can take a look around the conservatory, examine the nodal points with all details – or even look through the glass into the garden.


The product range of the industry is constantly growing, which is why Klaes is consistently working on expanding the technical possibilities. The classic Klaes window solutions premium, professional, vario and trade are also "evolving" all the time. Klaes presents its new development for aluminium windows for the first time at BAU 2019.

ALUplus is intended for window manufacturers who want to map their entire workflow in one software package, preferably together with other types of material. Important development contents were the special technical and organizational requirements of this material type, as well as a high efficiency level with the data maintenance. The new solution for aluminium windows is already running with the first pilot customers and the market launch will take place gradually in 2019.

The organization of companies is the main purpose of Klaes. The software solutions can enable the meaningful mapping and integration of the various business processes – as simply as possible. Some interesting examples, which will also be presented at BAU 2019 in Munich (Klaes in hall C5, booth 303):

Klaes web

Klaes web is the digital bridge from local software to customers and employees. The Klaes webshop (for end customers) and webtrade (for dealers) provide a simple connection to the point of sale. The recorded projects can be imported into the local Klaes solutions for further processing and manufacture. Klaes web tracking provides both customer groups with information about the processing of their orders at any time and Klaes web business provides the employees with important customer and project information – also mobile via smartphone.

Klaes DoorDesigner

With the Klaes DoorDesigner for entrance and room doors, doors – also window sashes – can be designed with highly flexibility. This means that frame- and panel door constructions can easily be recorded along with the windows and run through the entire workflow – all data being combined inside a single document (e.g. sales quotation). If required, this can also include the production of solid door blanks (e.g. Fire Doors).

Klaes IT solutions

No meeting without a flip chart and screen. The Samsung Flip is ‘both’ at the same time and enables collaboration and creativity with efficiency and "paper feeling". Computers, tablets and even smartphones can be easily connected to the Samsung Flip - with or without a cable. Screenshots are simply taken over into the charts and processed there directly "by hand". When everything is ready, you can distribute the result electronically. Convince yourself – we have two of them at BAU.

Klaes DMS Integration

The intelligent Klaes DMS integration enables simple and fast access to archived documents and e-mails, because these documents are automatically pre-filtered for customers and projects. Klaes even offers three different solutions to ensure that the type of archiving fits the customer perfectly.

Enjoy IT – Klaes in Hall C5, Booth 303.

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