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In addition to panel doors, now also custom-designed frame doors

At the LIGNA 2017, a new solution, which provides frame-sashes in doors and windows with constructive elements in a highly flexible manner, celebrates its exhibition premiere.
Of course, as with the panel door manufacturing, integrated with a consistent calculation, production and organization in the Klaes ERP-solution.

The possibilities of sash frame processing are very diverse

  • Cassette panels in wood
  • Obscure design-elements on glass panes
  • Boards with insulation material
  • Alu panelling of wooden- and PVC-door sashes
  • Processings of alu panels
  • Cat flaps, letter-plates, spy-holes
  • and much more...

Together with the functions for door frames and the connections of various online door panel configurators, Klaes now has wide-ranging and interesting solutions for pure, door-only manufacturers.

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