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Many interesting solutions for the wood industry at the LIGNA 2017

We present many interesting solutions for the wood industry at the LIGNA 2017. The central theme is “more organisation“ in every company – whether it’s a question of wood-alu-facades, panel doors, industry 4.0 with the starting point Webshop or the classic Klaes window construction-solutions.

The consistency of the solutions – locally and on the Internet – means more market presence, consistency, flexibility, efficiency and time saving.

Visit us at the LIGNA – in hall 27, booth K50

Visit us at the LIGNA

Klaes 3D – Your PLUS in time saving

The focus is on the special edition for wood-alu-facades referring to the highly flexible solution for facades and conservatories Klaes 3D. It is intended for all facade builders who want to design these components in a simple and rational way by means of a CNC-system, for example, to take even more use of existing production possibilities on a “BAZ“.

Due to the intelligent data integration, individual designs can also be brought to the machine within incredibly short project times – of course, also other constructions, such as lift- and slide elements. Therefore, this edition is also very interesting as an additional solution to an existing window construction-software – no matter which.


Klaes web - Your PLUS in market presence

“Industry 4.0“ starts with the customer. This is why Klaes web makes it easy and fast to get started. With the Klaes webshop, potential end customers can determine prices easily and also order immediately – all types of material, with an individualizable entry system and with all attachment components, e.g. roller shutters or window sills.

Klaes webtrade is for traders who like to work online with own prices, customers and projects. Klaes webtracking informs both customer groups about the progress of the order procedure. This is an industry 4.0 solution at its finest: the online-requests and orders can be imported into the local Klaes industry solution and processed directly.


Klaes panel door and Klaes CAM – Your PLUS in efficiency

With both Klaes solutions, panel front doors together with windows, can be completely processed in a software solution and brought to a “BAZ“. These sophisticated designs cannot only be constructed freely with all sections and processings; everything can be solved via dynamic components automatically. They are highly flexible and adapt themselves according to freely definable dependencies to door dimensions and -characteristics. If required, Klaes panel door manufacturing also provides the right door blank.

Klaes CAM provides all necessary data to be able to manufacture efficiently on CNC systems. Due to this ideal interaction, the workflow can be optimally processed in connection with mixed orders for windows and doors.


Klaes window construction-solutions – A PLUS for everybody

The innovations of Version 7.10 provide a sustainable improvement of the company-performance. For the digitalized office management, there are personal- and group tasks, automated notifications and the intelligent integration of the archiving solution ELO in the overall workflow.

The connection of the Roma Web roller shutter configurator “ROMAconnect“ ensures very easily exact calculation data and document information.

The Klaes hardware solutions are also important in the trade fair programme. Web solutions are also in the spotlight.
In addition to the online backup for data and mails, the Klaes cloud also includes the “whole“ terminal server. The great advantage is that no hardware configuration is rented, but needs-based performance which grows with increasing requirements.
And our web telephony solutions, by the way, are the right choice to replace conventional ISDN-systems by 2018…

Enjoy IT, at Klaes in hall 27, booth K50.

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