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Mutual Exchange

Customers Visit Customers Across National Borders

At the last Klaes Roadshow in Austria, we initiated an exchange of information between Klaes customers. Now it has been implemented by Arcont IP from Slovenia with customers from the Czech Republic and Poland.

On January 29th, 2020 Mr. Pintaric, Mr. Brunec and Mr. Strakl together with Klaes representative Peter Breznik first travelled to the Czech/Austrian Company WindowStar s.r.o, which belongs to the Austrian Elk Group. There the managing director Mr. Janetschek presented the window production to his colleagues. Afterwards an intensive exchange of information took place, which mainly dealt with the use of Klaes e-prod and inventory management.

Afterwards they visited Filplast in Poland. The Veka processor has been using Klaes since 1997 and over the years has developed into a very important company with two plants. Managing director Waldemar Filipowsky and IT manager Pawel Pliszczak welcomed the guests. During the tour through the new production with several lines, the visitors could convince themselves of the high level of production and organisation.

Afterwards Mr. Pliszczak demonstrated with some examples how he has perfectly interlinked production and capacity planning with production planning including on-time stock keeping. Here too, e-prod is used as an information and communication tool.

We would like to thank all participants for the highly interesting exchange of information which will certainly continue in the future.

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