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Second Mawi workshop in Ahrweiler for international customers

For the second time this year the Mawi User Workshop took place in Ahrweiler. On September 11th and 12th, international Mawi customers from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Great Britain and France informed themselves about the next development steps of the Klaes inventory management.

The central development goals are a uniform user interface with intuitive operation and efficient execution of daily work processes. In addition, the speed of the individual processes is a very important point for the new Mawi. Werner Stappen (Klaes Product Management) presented the new concept based on the current state of development. The impressive speed behaviour at full data load impressed the Mawi customers very much.

At the end it was shown how the workflows and dialogues should look like in the future. During the subsequent feedback round, we exchanged ideas about the new concept and the participants provided us with important details from their daily work.

Both Mawi workshops confirmed that we are on the right track with our concept.

Many thanks to all participants!


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