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New: Klaes DoorDesigner

The New Efficient Software for Doors of All Kinds

The Klaes DoorDesigner is made for the individual design of frame-doors in all material kinds. The door sashes – and also window sashes – can be provided with constructive elements in a highly flexible way in recording. And as usual with Klaes – of course integrated in costing, production and organization in the Klaes ERP solutions.

The Klaes DoorDesigner is very efficient!

  • Cassette panels of wood
  • Sandblastings on panes and panels
  • Boardings with insulation materials
  • Alu-panelling of wood- and PVC- door sahes
  • Push handles, pushers, ornamental strips
  • Cat flaps, post box slots, kick plates and much more ...

The special production lists contain all the information required for conventional production. Existing CAM systems can be supported with CAD inside- and outside views and of course a connection of continuous and portal-CNC-machines - with Klaes CAM - is possible!

Klaes DoorDesigner: the new solution for front- and interior doors of frame- and panel door constructions
Klaes DoorDesigner: the new solution for front- and interior doors of frame- and panel door constructions
DoorDesigner Add-on

The Panel Door Add-on is for front- and interior doors from panel door blanks in wood- and wood-alu-elements. With this solution, the special aesthetics can be efficiently constructed, calculated and produced. As a result, the Klaes DoorDesigner is able to significantly speed up the workflows of different user groups and minimize sources of error.

  • Buyers of complete- and partially manufactured panel doors
  • Window manufacturers who manufacture also doors from panel door blanks in addition to their windows
  • Joineries which produce also doors on their surface-processing centre
  • Door specialists with a blank production

With the Panel Door Add-on, you can completely define all surface- and edge processings. Dynamic modules, which can be freely positioned and changed, are available for this purpose. Or one draws, for example, a light section, simply in the integrated Klaes CAD. Through the allocated fitting, the door receives the information for edge processings, and all necessary data is defined for the CNC-production.  This can also be done with panel doors via certain existing CAM-solutions – or via Klaes CAM.

This is special for the Klaes DoorDesigner Add-on
  • Panel doors can be set in any frame- or lining constructions – even with a false mullion.
  • Through dynamic elements, the complete construction adapts automatically to any dimensional change.
  • When the opening direction has changed, the elements move automatically to the right place.
  • Panel doors can be recorded with windows, facades and conservatories and be printed in a joint offer.
  • Dynamic modules such as glass sections, plates, surface millings or boardings can be created by themselves.
  • The matching blank is allocated automatically – or it adapts to the construction.
  • The blank can be completely dissolved in all components.
  • Collision checks with the processings and attachments are possible.
  • All fitting parts are displayed including processings. For this purpose, Klaes data packages of different manufacturers (strips, pushers and locks) can be combined with opening types.
  • Dimension points of the fitting such as backset or strip positions can be used for the positioning of elements. If the dimension points change, the linked elements will adapt themselves automatically.
Completely simple & simply complete

Together with the design possibilities of the Klaes industry software, the solutions are a complete tool case for all doors. With the wood-master data, the frame- and lining parts can be simply displayed. And also simple frame-panels, if no panel door is required. The connections of the online-configurations of different panel manufacturers complete the offer.

All in all, with the Klaes DoorDesigner and the Add-on, you can manufacture the frame- and panel doors highly efficiently. Embedded in the Klaes industry solution, it is also interesting for pure door manufacturers. All organisational tasks are undertaken, the constructions can be recorded as a whole in one step to the complete depth of detail. Then, documents with precisely calculated prices, production papers with all details, automatically generated sectional drawings and data for the CNC production are available. And a specifically cut service package ensures that these innovative solutions for doors will be launched quickly – also at pure door manufacturers.

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