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Perfect Interaction

Homag theme day at our long-standing customer Reicherter in Reutlingen

The Homag theme day "Window" took place on February 8th at our long-standing customer Reicherter in Reutlingen.

The main topic was logically the machine, but also the partnership project implementation of all involved companies. The two managing directors, Jean and Jürgen Reicherter, are sure that they made the right decision for their future. Also because they can produce the latest window systems extremely efficiently with the new system.

In addition to the live demonstrations on the machine, the participants Homag, Zuani, Klaes and also Reicherter gave a lecture on their topics during the implementation. Jean Reicherter emphasized the perfect interaction between the partners. All emerging issues were solved together at an early stage and therefore it was possible to keep to schedule.

Picture Source: HOMAG

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