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Klaes 3D for Patio Roofs and Cold Conservatories

With the intelligent input system, even complex designs can be entered very easily via input fields in a menu list. As a result, fully constructed cold conservatories with the desired variants, details and additional units are possible within a few minutes – you can create a complete 3D CAD design without drawing a single line. Then the calculation or the machine data will be completed.

The individual steps - Start with a patio roof

  • Adapt construction situation. In the freestanding variant, end covers for the purlin, gutter and wall connection are automatically evaluated. If the situation "wall left" is set, they are replaced by flatter end covers. The dimension references also adapt themselves directly to the input. Here the wall mounting is removed, thus two supports come into the construction.
  • Switching the profile series. e.g. from the low-cost to the high-quality version. Profiles are automatically exchanged including the corresponding screws and connectors. If required, LED lights, radiant heaters, light-, wind-, temperature- and rain sensors including drill holes and cabling.
  • Assign substrate elements: here a sliding system. Or also rotary systems, folding systems, fixed elements. If required also with awnings or zip-screens.
  • Accessories such as leaf trap, downpipe set, sequence chain solve different processing problems in the technically relevant profiles, such as supports/support cover or gutter.
  • Change glass roof. Glass joint seal / purlin / aluminium crossbar. Profiles, piece articles and processings are automatically adjusted according to the input. Or the glass roof becomes a slatted roof - only rotatable or also with a motorized sliding mechanism.
  • Enter dimensions. Yes, they can also be entered at the end, when everything is already finished, and everything adapts automatically. Also the fittings and drives to the changed sizes and weights.

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