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Standardised Processes

Klaes Info Manager ensures a binding and documented communication

The digital workflow organisation outside of production becomes more and more important. At Klaes, the core of this task is the multifunctional directory tree with all documents, because it combines the progress reports of planning, disposition and production which can be used to start the next steps. This powerful tool can be supplemented by the Klaes Info Manager, with which the processes and the division of work during project processing can be organised automatically.

Only those who are well-informed about the current status of ongoing projects can guarantee smooth processes. The Klaes Info Manager ensures a binding and documented communication among all project participants and the automated processes save a lot of time and work. Important information from agreements with customers and colleagues can be stored customer- and project-related, thus ensuring clarity in the daily work.

Consequently, the information of various work areas is transparent to every employee and available at all times. The connection points in the workflows are centrally organised via defined triggers with automatically generated emails, notifications and tasks. As a result, the previously defined business processes are clearly described and run safely. An example: By printing a delivery note, the customer and responsible representative in the field service will automatically receive an email with the project progress. At the same time, logistics has the task of preparing the dispatch of goods.

In the Management Center, all tasks come together and can be processed user- and team-related. Of course, with the important components priority, due date, reset, answer or forward. All employees can also structure their tasks via different folders. This ensures fast finding instead of long searching. And corresponding business partners, projects and documents can be called directly.

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