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Virtual Conservatories at the Exhibition Stand

Klaes at the BAU 2019 with interesting new solutions

Klaes successfully presented its extremely wide range of solutions at the BAU 2019. Innovative solutions enable customers to digitise in all areas of the company. Klaes 3D with the Augmented Reality App for the live presentation, the new Klaes solution for aluminum windows and the Klaes DoorDesigner were especially well-received in Munich.

Being able to present complex components in the sales phase on the object "lifelike" is the goal of the Augmented Reality App (Augmented Reality), which has been introduced for the first time. With this extremely easy-to-use tool, conservatories or façade elements made of Klaes 3D can be quickly put in front of a house on site.

The impressive visualization is done on a standard tablet or smartphone. You can even take a look around the conservatory, inspect the nodes with all the details - and even remove construction layers to look at the design.

At the BAU 2019, Klaes presented its new development for aluminum windows for the first time. ALUplus is intended for window manufacturers who want to map their entire workflow in one software and, if possible, together with other material types. Important development contents were the special technical and organizational requirements of this material type, as well as a high efficiency in data maintenance. The first pilot projects for a real-time operation are currently running at the customer.

At the BAU, interested parties from the glass industry have discovered the Klaes DoorDesigner and want to optimize their production of glass doors. There was also an increased interest in the sector of fire doors. With the Klaes DoorDesigner you can design doors but also window sashes extremely flexible. The panel door- and frame constructions of all kinds are simply recorded with the windows, if required, and go through the entire workflow.

Klaes web is the digital bridge from local software to customers and employees which many companies want to "build" now. The Klaes webshop for end customers and webtrade for dealers provide for a simple digital connection. In order processing, Klaes webtracking provides both groups of customers with information about the progress at all times and Klaes webbusiness supports its own employees with important customer- and project information - of course also via smartphone.

Another important topic at the BAU was the digital coping with the "flood of paper" and e-mail archiving. The intelligent Klaes DMS integration ensures an easy and fast access to documents and e-mails archived in compliance with GoBD, because they are automatically pre-filtered according to the requirements of customers and projects. In addition, work tasks can be automatically linked with the Klaes Info Manager to make workflows even more secure.

BAU 2019 in Munich was once again the international meeting place for the industry and the expansion of the exhibition space has made it even more important. Many thanks to all customers, interested parties and partners for their visit!

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