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Jochen Bliestle attends the Klaes Export Meeting in Ahrweiler

Jochen Bliestle was a selected guest at this year’s export meeting due to his experience in the window construction area. There are several window construction companies in Germany and abroad which rely on Jochen Bliestle as a business consultant and Klaes as a software partner. Thus, there has been an excellent and close partnership for years, which has now been used to further enhance the advisory skills of the export team.

Due to practical examples, he showed on September 25th, 2018, where there may be disruptions in the production process, which can often be quickly remedied by small organisational changes. This is something that can be optimised by software. It also applies to the pure manufacturing process (for example, wrong storage locations). Especially the topics, which were outside of the pure IT-area, were very interesting, because they gave new impulses to the listeners. 

Jochen Bliestle visiting Klaes
Jochen Bliestle – as a selected guest at the Klaes Export Meeting

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