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Workshop on Tour

With foreign Klaes customers at Schirmer and Stickling

A very special workshop was organized by Bernhard Hambrügge (Manager Export) with his team for foreign Klaes customers. The two-day workshop “More effectiveness in production“ was launched “practically“ with visits to Schirmer and Stickling.

  • At Schirmer in Verl, Michael Edenfeld presented machine concepts for different product sizes. For example, a modern equipment technology was presented live. It was very impressing that 300 units per layer could be manufactured with a minimum of staff supervision.
  • Then Maurice Madecki presented a fully automated production for PVC-windows at his Company. The systems are controlled by Klaes e-control and the entire production organization runs extremely efficiently via Klaes e-prod.

At a dinner, the participants discussed in detail about the things they had seen during the day. On the second day, the subject was deepened with lectures and presentations at the Klaes headquarters in Ahrweiler. The participants drew a very positive conclusion and wished to have more workshops of this kind.

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