Männer montieren ein Fenster - Thema Montageplanung im Fensterbau-Unternehmen

Klaes assembly planning

Plan window and door orders optimally for installation with just one click

Link your orders directly with the planning of the assemblies - the Klaes assembly planning makes it possible! With just a few clicks you can plan your orders with your existing resources and thus have all important information for your daily business in view at any time. In the order pool of Klaes assembly planning you always have a complete overview of all documents to be scheduled. Existing business partner information and item details can already be viewed during planning.

You can easily add necessary documents to the assembly date by drag & drop. Clear status management and a distinctive free-text search enable you to easily schedule documents for available free resources. Of course, you can reschedule an already scheduled document later in no time at all. A simple master data system enables you to introduce Klaes assembly planning quickly and easily into your company.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple scheduling
    View all orders through the order pool and schedule them for assembly with a simple click
  • Status management
    Clarity by assigning the processing status of an order (e.g. New, Reserved, Scheduled, Finished etc.)
  • Planning calendar
    View the availability of teams or individual fitters via daily, weekly, monthly or yearly overviews
  • Resource management
    Vehicles, tools, fitters, teams, etc. Manage and optimally schedule via assembly planning

Learn more about Klaes assembly planning in our flyer:

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