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Klaes Info Manager

Your Ace Up Your Sleeve, When It Comes To Optimizing Company-Internal Communication!

Only those who are optimally informed about the current status of ongoing projects can guarantee smooth procedures. The Klaes Info Manager provides a good communication between all employees and saves a lot of time and work through the automated processes! The Klaes Info Manager helps you to organize and optimize your communication processes. In the journals, you and your employees save memos, tasks, messages and notifications.

The information of the different program areas is transparent for each employee and can be viewed around the clock. On the basis of your defined communication processes, the central administration of automatically generated emails, employee information and tasks, which you can build on the basis of your predefined processes and send via defined triggers, is managed via the notification configurator.

Always Well Informed

The automatic sending of a notification after printing a delivery note to a representative can be one of the processes mentioned. At the same time, a task is sent to the logistics department that the dispatch of goods can be prepared. In the Management Center, the tasks of an employee come together user-dependent for an overview of what is to be done.

The employee can, for example, create folders for the structuring. To prevent a long search, you can also create a direct “linking“ to the business administration, projects and documents.

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