Front door manufacturing with window construction program

Klaes DoorDesigner

The Doors Are Wide Open for You

The Klaes DoorDesigner is the software solution for the individual design of front- and room doors – regardless of the type of material. Provide doors, for example, with letter slots or other constructive elements such as pushers, push handles or ornamental beads and make use of all advantages of the consistent industry of Klaes.

With the integration of the DoorDesigner, you calculate, produce and organize your doors just like a normal window. The individual design and production of panel door blanks is possible by an Add-on of the DoorDesigner without any problem.

Also for Front- and Room Doors of Panel Door Blanks

Optionally, you can extend the software by an additional range of functions for front- and room doors made of panel door blanks in wood- and wood-aluminium elements. In recording, all surface- and edge edits are completely freely definable. Overall, the DoorDesigner and the Add-on allow a highly efficient processing of frame- and panel doors. All organizational tasks are taken over – the constructions can be recorded as a whole in one step in a complete detail-depth.

Then, documents with precisely calculated prices, production documents with all details, automatically generated sectional drawings and data for the CNC production are available. A tailor-made service package also ensures that this innovative solution for doors will quickly be launched. As you can see – “all doors will be open to you“ with the Klaes DoorDesigner in the future ...

Everything at a glance ...

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