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Klaes CE-Generator

BauPVO - Create Documents At The Touch Of A Button

Save a lot of time with the CE-generator of Klaes. With this soulution, the tedious gathering of “BauPVO-specifications“ (Construction Products Regulation) is all water under the bridge! The CE-generator developed in cooperation with “ift-Rosenheim“, creates the required documents at the touch of a button.

You record your offers as usual. Then, you send an inquiry to the database of the “Institut für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim (ift)“ per mouse click. There, your inquiry will be analyzed with regard to the labels for the declaration of performance and CE Certification which are necessary for these constructions.

Everything with the Touch of a Button

The result will be returned to the software as a PDF-file for the document and thus it is available to the window constructor. In addition, the PDF will be stored automatically in the project directory of your Klaes Software. In addition, the query result will be archived on the ift web server for 10 years. The use of this solution module is possible as of Version 7.8.

Your benefits summarized: the analysis and allocation of features through ift Rosenheim, the maintenance of master data for creating the declaration of performance through ift Rosenheim, the description of all constructions, the output of a detailed PDF-file, the transfer of the PDF-file to the Klaes software or the archiving of your data for 10 years.

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