wood profile on machine - Klaes e-control

Klaes e-control

Control Machines Successfully and Produce Efficiently

The requirements for modern production plants are constantly growing.  The desired variety of profiles and constructions, the increasing demand for individually designed windows or doors, special sizes and small series – this is reality today in window construction. With conventional production methods, rational production is no longer possible.

An optimized interaction between a flexible and powerful machine and professional construction software is indispensable here. At the touch of a button, Klaes e-control creates the necessary information and transfers it to the control of your machine – it is that simple.

For each Machine the Suitable Solution

Changes to existing constructions are no problem! With just a few clicks, the changes in the construction of Klaes are made and they are immediately available for your machine. The software solution is, of course, only the said “half of the job“.

Equally important are the people who bring together both the machine and the software. Since 1985, we have controlled almost every type of window-manufacturing machine. The experience gained from many thousands of successful machine controls make us an absolutely safe partner!

Partnerships with the machine industry

Unique cooperation with leading machine manufacturers