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The Flexible Window Design Software for Getting Started

Increase the efficiency of your business processes by using a tailor-made software. Klaes vario offers you the performance which you expect from a window design software and adjusts its price to your order volume - Planning, order processing and production without frictional losses –  The software solution for more efficiency, flexibility and growth in your production company. Klaes vario is the economic solution for craft-oriented companies in the window construction industry.

Already in the basic version of Klaes vario, there are all important functions, which classical craftsmanship needs. The addition of the software by means of further expansion components – adapted to your company size and your requirements – is also possible at any time. Klaes vario can be customized according to your requirements and can be expanded when your Company grows…

Functional and Expandable

Expandable means: room for growth – also for the development of your Company. A window construction software must be able to keep up. The decision for an efficient software is certainly not easy. Above all, as companies and software are always subject to changes. Perhaps you ask yourself: Where is my focus today – and where is it tomorrow? Is the software still suitable for me in two years? Klaes vario provides the decisive answers.

If your Company changes with the years or develops further – no problem, Klaes vario changes, too. The system structure of Klaes vario is expandable and thus open for further additions.  And the good news: all components always work together automatically. Today and in the future, Klaes will place your Company on a secure base. Talk to us about your workflows and arrange with us the appropriate components of Klaes vario for your Company.

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Basic Components

Project administration
For the fast and simple processing of your projects – from offer to invoice you have all the projects in view.

Article administration
In addition to the complete accessory, it is also possible to record and manage non-window items such as blinds or interior doors, on request also with a picture.

Free design and planning of windows and doors of any type.

Business partner administration
The company-wide, central address database, in which all information on customers, suppliers, prospective customers and other partners comes together.

Production planning
Immediately after recording, all important information for the following production is available.

Determination of the exact material- and wage costs “at the touch of a button“.

Extended Components

Order management
The ordering of profile, fitting, glass and general accessory with one “click“ – on paper, per fax, per email or directly online at your supplier.

Unique presentation thanks to the visual representation of shutters and high security when recording through an automatic allocation of shutters during the construction.

CAD with section generation
Extremely simple creation of profile sections with the corresponding wall connections.

Capacity planning
High transparency in the company, optimal capacity utilization and the most exact scheduling, by manual or fully automatic scheduling of all orders.

Recording of rounded- or sloped windows
Complete freedom during the recording of rounded- and sloped windows of any type.

All material types
Open for all material types in the window- and door construction.

Price-Conscious And Flexible

As a crafts company, you have often noticed in recent years that your customers are demanding more and more flexibility from you. Flexibility in your products, your performance, but above all flexibility to prices. You want to optimize your processes and you need a software which supports you professionally. At the same time, however, the software should also be designed specifically for the needs of your company and finally it must be affordable – these are the strengths of Klaes vario. A professional window construction software needs not to be expensive. Klaes vario fulfills the highest demands of functionality, economy and safety and is extremely price-conscious.

The software is designed to meet exactly your needs. It helps you to optimize your daily tasks, thus reducing time and errors and thus reducing your costs. And Klaes is cheaper than you might think! Buying Klaes vario “classic“ means: after obtaining the software-license, you can execute a firmly  defined order volume every year. The second possibility means “flex“. Hereby, you acquire a certain order volume according to the pre-paid-system. When you have processed this quantity with the window construction program, you can purchase an order volume again…

Norbert Meinzinger

Schreinerei Meinzinger GmbH

“In the third generation, our family Company produces carpentry in a handicraftly tradition and professional quality. Our Company has grown steadily over the last 60 years. We could also adapt our software solution flexibly to our range of services. With Klaes vario, we have a tool to meet all challenges – today and in the future.“

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