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Company building in Ahrbrück
Miriam Berzen, Horst Klaes and Lars Klaes
New buiding in Ahrweiler
Company building in Ahrweiler


Window Construction Software With History

If Horst Klaes had not realized his vision of creating a work-changing software for carpenters and window-builders, Klaes window construction would not be what it is today. In 1983, he founded the Horst Klaes GmbH & Co.KG in Rosenheim as a one-man company.

The Klaes GmbH & Co. KG has its current head office in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and is the market-leading software company for windows-, doors-, facades- and conservatory industry worldwide.

Year Milestones
2024 • Foundation of the subsidiary Klaes Italia SRL in Bozen
2023 • 40 years of Klaes
• Change of the company name to "Klaes GmbH & Co. KG"
• Premiere of Klaes assembly planning - The intuitive solution efficiently connects the planning of assemblies with the orders
• Premiere of Klaes time management - The innovative web solution for your time recording
• Premiere of Klaes cRM solution - The highly integrated solution for sales management
• Foundation of the subsidiary Klaes Australia PTY LTD in Sydney
2022 • The Klaes Web-Campus is available as a subscription model
• The first Klaes trainees with dual studies successfully receive their degrees
• A total of 30 web-presentations for new impulses at customers take place
2021 • The Klaes Web-Campus is launched as a digital training platform for users
• The IT service department "Klaes IT solutions" becomes the brand Systemschub
2020 • Klaes organizes the fully digital "Klaes web fensterbau" as a replacement for the cancelled FENSTERBAU FRONTALE
• The Klaes shutter configurator now includes links to the web stores of four suppliers
• The Klaes Online Center is published in an optimized version as an information tool for users
2019 • No.1 in Algeria
• Klaes - Siebert Scale Connector
2018 • 35 years of Klaes
• Klaes 3D Software + Augmented Reality (components can be presented "lifelike" on the object during the sales phase)
2017 • New “appearance“ on the internet
2016 • Klaes “i-Tüpfelchen“ is opened – children’s day care for babies aged 0 – 3 years
• Klaes IT solutions receive the Wortmann Victor-Award for excellent service
• Completion of the new building
2015 • Introduction of Klaes webinars – the simple way to learn more about Klaes
• Premiere of Klaes webtrade – the web-based trade program for traders
• Horst Klaes says goodbye to the management - Miriam Berzen and Lars Klaes take over
2014 • Premiere of the Klaes webshop - your own subsidiary on the internet
• Premiere of Klaes panel door manufacturing for the creation of wooden front doors
• Groundbreaking of the new building - Klaes grows and builds a new office complex for new working places besides its head office in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
2013 • Foundation of Klaes China in Peking
• Miriam Berzen and Lars Klaes in the Board of Management in addition to Horst Klaes
• Launch of Klaes CAM for the 2D-window technology
2012 • Launch of Klaes CAM, the solution to control your CNC-machines directly from Klaes 3D
• Debut of the Klaes Online Backup (KOB) - a data backup like never before
• FH Rosenheim: Get the fastest servers at Klaes like in 1995
2011 • Launch of Klaes cloud, the solution which runs in the cloud
2010 • Launch of Klaes Premium - For businesses which require a complete integrated solution
2009 • Release of Version 7 professional
• Debut of the new capacity planning
• New internet presence
2008 • Release of Version 7 vario
• A new marketing concept: Product lines are colour-coded now
• First Blade-Power-Server is installed
• Klaes celebrates its 25th anniversary
2007 • International business days in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler with approximately 550 participants from 12 countries
• Klaes becomes Avira Antivirus Sales Partner
• Debut of the new trade solution Klaes Trade and the materials management solution
2006 • Successful presentation at fensterbau frontale – the world’s biggest exhibition of the industry with 54 employees and an exhibition area of 550 m²
• Formation of subsidiaries Klaes CZ s.r.o., Klaes UK Ltd., Klaes RO s.r.o. and Klaes RU
• Klaes becomes Citrix Access Essentials Solution Advisor
2005 • Klaes 3D debuts at BAU exhibition in Munich
• Klaes becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
• First employees and customers in China
• Klaes becomes ELO business partner, LANCOM solution partner and AVM partner
2004 • Klaes launches Klaes 3D for facade- and conservatory construction
• First hardware customers from the Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler region
• Klaes becomes Norman Antivirus and Samsung business partner
• Klaes launches Klaes vario, the window construction software for craftsmanship-oriented companies
2003 • Launch of Klaes e-prod to ensure a paperless information flow in window manufacturing companies
• First international business days in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler with approx. 550 attendees
• Klaes becomes HP and Oki business partner
2002 • The company moves to Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
• The first customers receive their version of Klaes CAD plus including the automatic section generation
2001 • Assembly and installation of the first Windows terminal server
• The first subsidiary, Klaes Polska Sp. U o.o., is founded in Poznan
2000 • Release of MS Windows compatible Version Klaes 6.0
1998 • Klaes software controls a CNC machining center for wooden windows for the first time
• Release of Version 5.0
• Inclined and circular windows integrated into the architecture
• Klaes Top-Line becomes a standard for all Klaes computers
• 94 employees in Ahrbrück and branch offices
1997 • Klaes ships the first coloured computer in an aluminum case (Top Line series)
1996 • Re-naming to Horst Klaes GmbH & Co. KG
• Dynamic growth across eastern Europe
• Klaes has approx. 75 employees
1995 • FH Rosenheim: Get the fastest servers at Klaes
1994 • Czech is the first foreign language version
1992 • The company and its 40 employees move to a new office building
• A building application was filed to secure 20 jobs
• Release of Version 4.0
• Wood and PVC handled by the same software
1991 • Customization and installation of PCs and servers
• First complete solution (software and hardware) for a customer
1989 • First branch offices in Stuttgart and Salzburg
1988 • The company moves to a separate office in Ahrbrück
• Release of Version III
• First software solution for PVC window construction
1986 • First software update Version II
• Software released for IBM PC MS DOS
1985 • The first employee is hired
• The company moves to Ahrbrück
• Klaes software controls a wood manufacturing machine for the first time
1984 • The company moves to Insul (Eifel)
06.12.1983 • Self-employed activity spanning consulting, development and marketing starts with Klaes Version 1.1 in Rosenheim
1977-1983 • Development of a software solution for the construction of wooden windows
• Further development of the wood technology software in Rosenheim