Klaes software user signs contract - Klaes aoftware renewal contract

Klaes Software Renewal Contract

Always Up To Date

The IT-industry is an extremely fast-moving business – not only with respect to hardware-developments!
Also in the software sector it always continues. The implementation of customer requirements, new operating systems, changing market requirements and also technological innovations make us continually develop our solutions.

Customers who have signed a Software Renewal Contract can look forward to these changes as they are always up-to-date through our annual updates – without causing any further costs! The Klaes Software Renewal Contract doesn’t include only all software updates, but offers you also a preferred support.

Strong Together

For example, customers with this partner level enjoy unlimited access to our hotlines. Use the Software Renewal Contract to permanently secure the value of your software, always stay up-to-date and enjoy a preferred support.

Your software is automatically insured against fire and theft. And the best of all, you have a significant impact on the software development.

Contact us – we will be glad to answer your questions.

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