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Electronical Production in Window Construction Companies

Have you ever roughly figured out how much time your emloyees need day by day to print, sort and output the desired production documents? And how often your employees are looking for something in the production – for example, for materials which are necessary for the current order? Or how often a technician must leave the site because loose accessory parts are missing?

With e-prod from Klaes, this will be “water under the bridge“. In future, create your production information paperless. Each employee receives exactly the information on his monitor which is needed at the moment. Scheduling and rescheduling of orders becomes child’s play. With a few mouse clicks, your employees will have the current information on their monitor. And you will have an overview what’s going on in the workshop at any time.

Klaes e-prod - Electronical Production in Window Construction Companies (PVC)

Everything Is Centrally Organized

The search for materials will be omitted because Klaes e-prod knows exactly where, for example, the glass for the sash is. The time-consuming and expensive returns from the site to the company are passé, because Klaes e-prod ensures that no loose accessories are forgotten. If the real production times are transferred to your time management, you can calculate your orders even better – without time-consuming measuring. Klaes e-prod quality management is the electronic answer to the extensive requirements of your in-house production control.

All tasks, tests, controls, maintenance works and faults will be organized centrally with Klaes e-prod. The results and incidents are automatically archived and give you the assurance that the necessary activities are mandatory. It is very easy to handle, because we take advantage of a technology which millions of people use day by day – the internet!

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