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Klaes Solutions

From Planning, Production And Communication To The Online Shop

In order to optimize and organize your company workflow in the long term, we offer solutions in addition to the product lines for different company requirements as well as for specific work processes.  Organization in planning and production are also in the focus like services and standardization on an online-basis.

Some of these solutions are already integrated in our product lines. As every window construction company has different requirements, we always provide our customers with an individual package. It consists of the corresponding product line and solutions.

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A successful order processing starts already with the planning.

An efficient material ordering and an optimum capacity utilisation are decisive factors in planning and procurement. With our solutions for capacity planning and inventory management, you have the ordering- and production organization under control. With Klaes Reports, you are even more focused on the business development and with the Klaes CE generator you can create your documents according to the comprehensive specifications of the “BauPVO“  at the push of a button.

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The complete window production under control

Perfect organization and control are essential in production. Klaes supports you to optimize, automate and control your production flow. With Klaes e-prod, you control your products electronically, error-prone notes and lists are a thing of the past. Klaes CAM 2D and Klaes CAM 3D for wood CNC-machines provide an effective machine control. When it comes to short-term order changes, list printing and production times, the Klaes door panel configurator and the Klaes DoorDesigner ensure an optimum representation and standardization of processes.

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Web solutions

More freedom with web-based solutions and online-services

Nowadays, an online shop belongs to a successful company concept. With the Klaes webshop and the online-trade program, Klaes webtrade, you can open your own window webshop on the internet. With the solutions Klaes web business and Klaes web tracking, you can also receive and control important information from your company software per internet and work online with cloud trade.

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Always highly-organized and well-informed

Perfectly organized and automated communication processes ensure a lot of time savings. Here, internal communication organization and information transparency play an important role. With the Klaes Info Manager, the Relationship Manager CRM and the Document Management-System DMS, you will always keep an overview. With Klaes openTRANS, you will achieve a faster and easier order processing.

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