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Klaes Inventory Management - Mawi

A Software-Based Electronical Order Shortens Delivery Times

Windows are no mass-produced goods – special colours, special panes, window handles, safety fittings are only some examples from the extensive range of accessories. The many different dimensions do the rest. At the same time, delivery times must be kept short to ensure customer satisfaction.

Material procurement is therefore an important factor for the overall success. Material stock, production times and, last but not least, keep the error rate low, while reacting quickly and flexibly to customer requirements is a major challenge for companies.

Efficient and Safe

Klaes inventory management (in short Mawi) was especially developed to take up exactly these challenges. Mawi makes possible that you can do the daily work easily, efficiently and safely.

Through the electronic ordering and the interaction with other Klaes solution modules such as capacity or Klaes e-prod, the benefits of Klaes inventory management have increased further.