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Klaes Reports

Keep always a Close Eye on Figures and Facts

A successful management requires, among other things, that you keep an overview of the most important facts and figures at all times. Klaes Reports help you being successful! At the touch of a button, create different evaluations and take a decision even quicker.

Whether it is a PP-SP comparison, document- or revenue-related statistics or information about the order confirmations of your salesmen. Thanks to the direct access to the SQL- database, you can react quickly to any unintended tendencies. You can set and change the display of your reports individually and according to your requirements.

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User-Dependent Representations

• Structure tree according to activity fields

• Freely selectable or predefined periods

• Representation as table, 2D chart or 3D

• Trend lines (for example, difference from the preceding value)

• Show/hide the coordinate label

• Display as column or bar chart

Possible Reports Are:

• Sales-related evaluations according to customers/representatives

• Document-related evaluations (for example, recorded orders)

• Evaluations of the development of demand

• Evaluations of the PP-SP-comparison

• Evaluations of the raw material

• Evaluations of the average values of different documents

• Evaluations of the customer structure

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