Klaes ERP software

The software for organising your business processes

Klaes is the craftsmen's erp software for window and door construction - screenshot window construction wood

Klaes organises your company
with innovative solutions which intelligently interlock:

Order management with Klaes Software

Customer- and Order Management

Design windows with the window construction software from Klaes (Draw window sketches via CAD program)


Window calculation with Klaes software - calculate windows and doors quickly and easily


  • Determination of exact material and labour costs at the push of a button
  • Recording of all accessory articles as well as "non-window" articles, e.g. awnings
  • Autom. price calculation even when importing entrance door panels or roller shutters from external suppliers
Inventory management – window- and door production

Inventory Management

  • Order warehouse and order-related materials electronically
  • Overview of all goods receipts and delivery times
  • Inventory across all storage locations or per storage location, etc.
Capacity planning - window- and door production

Capacity Planning

  • Compilation of production orders
  • Most accurate scheduling through manual or fully automatic scheduling of all orders
  • Automatic data exchange with inventory management
  • User-defined views, e.g. for route planning, etc.
Klaes e-control – control window construction machines per software

Machine Control

Klaes e-prod - Barcode-scan on the window for organising production

Paperless Production Organisation


Selling windows and doors online with your own webshop

Trade- and Distribution Solutions

Document management with ELO and Klaes - GobD-compliant archiving in the craft sector


  • Automation of internal communication processes
  • Interfaces to GAEB, accounting or ERP systems
  • Streamline workflows via task- and message management
  • Securing processes via workflow settings
  • Quickly find information about customers and projects
  • Integrated solution for document management
controlling in the window manufacturing company - all figures for process optimisation at a glance


  • Automatic evaluation of all business-relevant figures
  • Turnover, orders on hand, contribution margin, cost of materials, incoming payments, etc.
  • Evaluation according to product groups
  • Comparative evaluations
Workflow (window- and door production)

With Klaes you optimise your workflow and this changes everything.

Klaes Workflow - Example: PVC window production with klaes ERP software for windows and doors

Do you know the problem of work intensification? It is about the fact that we have less and less time for our daily work. Saving time will therefore become a very important success factor for companies in the future. The greatest potential here often lies in the optimisation of internal work processes.

The concept of Klaes solutions is based precisely on this basic idea, because the complete networking of Klaes solutions creates a continuous workflow which perfects all work processes in a company from offer to invoice. With Klaes, you simply have more time for your work.

Klaes Worldwide No. 1

No matter whether producer or dealer ...
Klaes – a program the industry relies on.

For over 35 years, Klaes has been the world's leading software company in the window, door, façade and conservatory industry. Continuous software development, a high level of quality management and, above all, the unique partnership with the supplier industry form the foundation of this success story.

No matter whether producer or dealer, small or large company - due to the modular structure, Klaes solutions can be individually adapted to every company. The entire IT infrastructure also comes directly from Klaes, if desired. This means that not only the software, but also the hardware is in good hands.

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